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Scott Paul Technologies has a different way of handling things. We are first to market with a new way of holding and using your mobile devices. As a new company, we believe in creating products that provide simple solutions to challenging ideas. We believe in American ingenuity and support that belief by making our products in the United States. We have worked with Velcro® brand fasteners in designing our product line. You will find our products in retail stores and online.

CellHandle™ is our new Patent Pending product that allows you to hold your phone with one finger. Its recent launch has successfully proven that people are looking for new ideas to help handle their phones. A second new product, EZ CellHolder™, will keep your phones or other hand held gear where you want them. Then there is e-Handle™, our new product that provides a comfortable way to hold your e-Reader. This new product line represents the beginning of our quest to provide you with solutions for holding your electronic gear.

Scott Paul Technologies is the brainchild of Paul Sklar and Scott Cynamon. An attorney and a recycling company executive by day became inventors out of need. Their first idea, CellHandle, was conceived after surgery required bed rest for Paul. He had to continue running his practice from the phone while lying on his back. After continually dropping the phone when tired, he had the ‘Aha’ moment. He and Scott spent two years developing 127 different versions before settling on the 128th refinement and announcing it ready to go. That led to an expansion of the original idea that now makes up the product line.

Paul is a practicing attorney with his own firm specializing in elder law, an inventor, and a patent holder. He studied commercial and industrial design at the Parson’s School of Design in NY before becoming an attorney. He resides in NYC with his wife and two sons. Scott is a 30 year veteran of the textile and recycling industry, an international product trader, and the owner of Cyntex Co. His company was recognized by the 2008 Inc 5000 Survey of the Fastest Growing Companies in the USA and Top 50 Fastest Growing recycling companies. Scott is an ardent athlete, skiing , open water swimming and cycling. He lives in a suburb of NYC with his wife and young twin sons

CellHandle™, e-Handle™ and EZ CellHolder™ are trademarks of Scott Paul Technologies. Velcro® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries, B.V.

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Copyright © 2010 Scott Paul Technologies. All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced without written consent. CellHandle ™, e-Handle ™ and EZ CellHolder ™ are Trademarks of Scott Paul Technologies

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